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The Cinnamon Story

Cinnamon is one of the ancient spices in the world. Ceylon cinnamon, “Cinnamomum zeylanicum” native to Sri Lanka belong to the Lauraceae family. The history of the cinnamon is about to 2800 B.C old. Even it is mentioned in bible. The Egyptians used cinnamon for the medicine and food enhancer as well as embalming process. Mexico, Asiatic countries, Arabia and North Africa it was used in cooking. The Romans it has been used mostly in perfumes and fragrances and to flavor wines.

The true cinnamon of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was found in the early of the 16th century by the Portuguese, They controlled the trade with great cruelty. Demand for the cinnamon begun to increase and led Dutch to fight with Portuguese finally Ceylon’s cinnamon trade was invaded and controlled by Holland in the mid of 17th century. However Dutch gained control the Cinnamon monopoly. It is also reveal the history of Cinnamon in Sri Lanka, Up country-Dutch agreement signed between the Sri Lankan king Sri Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and the Dutch government in 14th February 1766 had been permitted Dutch to cut and peel cinnamon of some certain areas within the country according to the promise made by Dutch of protect the kingdom from the foreign invasion.

Cinnamon has wide range of products. Cinnamon bark, cinnamon oil, cinnamon quills, cinnamon powder, ground cinnamon are few of them. It was primary used for preserving meat and the retard the growth of bacteria. It also plays an important role in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. While cinnamon leaf oil is often used for flavoring toothpastes; inner bark is major used for producing quills.

The tropical sunshine, rain is needed to grow of cinnamon well and the quality of the spice depends on the soil condition. Cinnamon tree is pruned after two years of the planted. It’s mainly harvested immediate after each of two rainy seasons and bark is harvested twice a year. Most of the cinnamon produces in the coastal belt, Kaluthara, Galle, Matara, Hambantota and Rathnapura. As well as the genius cinnamon produces in Negambo.

Sri Lanka is rewarded as the major cinnamon producer to the global markets it makes the considerable foreign exchange of Agricultural plant products of the country and supplied 90% of cinnamon demand of the world.

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